Welcome to the City of Rockaway Beach, Missouri

Economic Development

Comprehensive Plan 

Vision Statement
The intent of the Comprehensive Plan is to take Rockaway Beach into the twenty-first century by providing the necessary guidelines to promote the community’s livability as well as economic and environmental sustainability. The vision, as determined by studying the values and critical issues provided by the residents, is to:
Remain an affordable family-oriented community supported by a vibrant and historic tourism and recreation business sector and revitalized lakefront.

The City must meet the basic needs of its residents and businesses while striving to maintain and enhance the quality of life for the future. The objectives and strategies of the Plan are based on attaining the future vision expressed by the people and the following overarching goals for the City of Rockaway Beach developed from that vision:
The quality of the natural environment will be maintained and enhanced for 
   future generations
Rockaway Beach will deliver public services to its residents, businesses and
Tourism and recreation will be sustaining elements of the community’s economic
Rockaway Beach will provide a quality living environment that promotes resource
   conservation and opportunities for leisure and employment